The Benefits of Mobile Document Shredding Services

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One of the best-kept secrets of the paper industry is the benefits of on-site shredding. This type of destruction offers the ultimate peace of mind for many companies that are concerned with protecting the public’s private and personal information. In addition to not having documents destroyed at the local facility, the individual documents are also destroyed on-site. This eliminates any potential embarrassment or liability associated with off-site or storage destruction. Additionally, on-site shredding offers higher security standards that exceed that of any off-site storage method.

In many instances, on-site shredding services can be completed within a matter of hours. This speedy process provides increased security, improved retrieval, and reduced risk of document compromise and theft. The increased security that accompanies on-site shredding services also extends to the sensitive personal information contained in the documents. Because the shredded documents cannot be torn open or picked out from the trash, there is a much lower likelihood of document theft or burglary occurring.

With mobile on-site shredding services, businesses are afforded even greater peace of mind. Businesses no longer have to worry about their company’s sensitive documents being compromised by vandals or thieves. Instead, mobile shredding trucks access the workplace to destroy the documents immediately. These trucks have professional shredders that shred documents into small pieces. These pieces are then transported to the company’s shredding recycling facility for reprocessing. As previously stated, all documents are destroyed on-site, saving businesses time and money by eliminating the need to transport destroyed documents to off-site storage facilities.

Why Should You Shred?

In many instances, sensitive information that is contained in a document is part of a company’s assets and may be irreplaceable. Furthermore, documents play a crucial role in maintaining business continuity. All of a company’s records contain important and valuable information that could result in the downfall of the company. It would be irresponsible to invest in new equipment that is unable to protect this information from being compromised. Mobile document destruction eliminates any fear that is associated with document protection, as the trucks arrive at the location to destroy the documents.

Mobile shredding companies also provide an added level of security to on-site locations. Many companies store multiple types of sensitive information on-site. While it is possible to destroy one of these documents if the information is removed from the location, it would not be good practice to store the information on-site. Not only could information that is important be lost but it would also create a safety concern. Furthermore, documents that are not in use can be recycled by companies. This recycling can help reduce waste and save companies money.

Minimal Expense, Maximum Efficiency

Another benefit of mobile destruction is the ability to manage the entire process from the convenience of the driver’s office or home. No additional staff is needed to manage the destruction of documents. The trucks are always available to perform the task and the employees are free to do other things. Furthermore, there is no need for a facility manager to oversee the destruction or recycling of the documents.

One of the final benefits of on-site paper shredding is that the paper shredder will be able to shred any document size. Typically, companies purchase large block sizes of paper when needed. Mobile document destruction services can also destroy standard-size documents. Most paper shredders have a universal size code that allows documents to be shredded based on the document’s size. Furthermore, many document destruction companies offer the ability to shred international-sized documents as well.

These mobile trucks often come equipped with high-powered shredders that shred documents down to one-hundredth of an inch. Furthermore, many mobile services offer the ability to shred medical and sensitive information as well. It is important to consider whether the benefits of mobile services outweigh the costs.

In most cases, the benefits far outweigh the costs of utilizing on-site services. Contact ShredPaper today to find out if mobile shredding is right for you.

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